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Will I be charged for International calls?

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 14th, 2021

Jiminny offers calls to any country in the world, with thousands of local carrier connections.

Web based Calls

If you dial via the web (VoIP) - you'll never be charged for this call.

Outbound Bridged Calls

If you dial via your phone in a "bridged" mode, you may wonder if you'll incur any cost, especially if it's your personal phone.
First it helps to understand the call flows with an example:

Your phone number
: +16316666444
Your caller ID
: +19293777777
Your customer
: +44791505555

In this scenario, when you dial in bridge mode, you will receive a call on +16316666444 from caller +19293777777*. This will show as an inbound call on your phone bill. Depending on your cell service plan, usage and minutes, you may be charged, but for a domestic call like this it would be highly unusual.

Once you answer, Jiminny will dial your customer on +44791505555 with caller ID +19293777777. This is an international call, and you will not personally bear the cost. The cost will be covered by your Jiminny subscription. You will not even see the customer number on your bill.

*if your caller ID is the same as the number your dialing, it may appear from a different number e.g. your inbound or conference number if applicable.

Inbound Calls

If you're using inbound functionality, the call will appear from the person dialing you. If the customer is calling you from +44791505555 and your phone is +16316666444 - you'll be charged subject to your cell service plan. This may well incur a cost because it is an interntional call.