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Using Jiminny for inbound calls

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 10th, 2021

Receive, record, and log calls to an Inbound number

Jiminny brings your calling experience full circle with support for receiving inbound calls. You still get all the time-saving Jiminny benefits of recording, transcribing, and easily logging these Inbound calls.

Your Inbound Number

If your organization uses the SMS feature, you'll be assigned a phone number for texting and receiving inbound calls†.
You can set the number (mobile, desk phone, Skype phone number, etc.) where you want to forward your inbound calls to this number.
By default, calls will forward to your cell number but you can easily change it:
  1. In the Jiminny platform, click your settings in the bottom left;
  2. Navigate to Profile > Softphone > Forward Calls to Number;
  3. Enter the number where you wish to receive your inbound calls.
Note: some numbers cannot support call forwarding, please check with Jiminny support if your tests fail.

Inbound Calls

Once your admin has set up the appropriate fields in your CRM (see Inbound Setup Guide for Admins), you will be able to record and log inbound calls to your CRM.

Receiving Calls

If someone dials your Jiminny assigned inbound number, you will receive a call to the number you have set up in your Profile for inbound call forwarding.

Your assigned inbound number will be displayed as the "caller" when you receive an Inbound call to your forwarding number.

Pro-tip: If using your cell for forwarding, save this number as a contact called "Jiminny Inbound Call"

Recording Calls

Inbound calls will be recorded if this is enabled by your Organization and toggled on in your Profile settings.
Your Organization needs to have your Inbound Call Recording setting to Automatic or Reps Decide.

Logging Calls

When an inbound phone call comes to your Jiminny inbound number, we will try to match the caller to a contact's phone number in your CRM. The Jiminny Sidekick will automatically pop up for yourself and you will be able to take timestamped notes as well as log the activity, just like you have been with your outbound calls. Learn all about the Sidekick right here.
Listening to Inbound Calls
With Jiminny inbound calls, you have all the same functionality and automation as an outbound Jiminny call. Inbound calls can be:
  • Live Coached
  • Transcribed
  • Searched in OnDemand, played and shared in Playback
Never miss that (rare) occasion when a prospect tries to call you back, ever again!