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Logging a call

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 29th, 2021

Log your calls back to Salesforce, and create a follow-up!

After you complete a call, the dialer will ask you to summarize and log the activity. There are several pieces of information you can add.

  • Activity Type - choose from any configured for your team e.g. LVM or Cold Call
  • Opportunity - if you call a contact or account, you can select the related opp
  • Subject - optionally you can give the call a subject, which will appear on the task
  • Current Stage - you can update the stage of the opportunity/lead
  • Call Summary - you can provide the outcome of the call for future reference
  • Custom Fields - your team might have other custom fields setup


To streamline your workflow, you can optionally create a follow-up call for the customer. The task will be stored in the activity feed for the same opportunity/contact or lead you to log the current activity as. There are a few details to provide:
  • Subject - provide the purpose of the follow-up
  • Priority - assign the urgency of the task (this will allow you to filter in Salesforce)
  • Due Date - a date picker lets you choose when the follow-up should be done by
When you click Log to Salesforce, this will also create the follow-up call task for you.