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Salesloft Platform with Jiminny Voice

Salesloft Platform with Jiminny Voice

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at November 1st, 2023

To start using the integration:
  1. Visit your Organization Settings > Manage > Integrations
  2. Click the Salesloft Logo
  3. You'll be taken to Salesloft to authenticate
  4. Allow Jiminny to access your Salesloft data
  5. Configure your Activity Types to synchronize to your CRM

If you're using Jiminny to make calls:
In this case, your team will use Salesloft for cadencing and when they go to make a call, Jiminny Voice will pop via Sidekick

To create this seamless flow, the default Salesloft call and summary flows need to be turned off. To do this you need to ask your Salesloft CS team to turn on Voice Links and turn off activity logging. Once complete, let us know and we will ensure the right settings are applied for you.

Enabling Sidekick on Salesloft:
  1. Go to https://app.salesloft.com
  2. Right-click on the Sidekick browser toolbar icon and select Enable Jiminny Sidekick on this domain 
  3. Grant permissions
  4. Reload the page

For more information on this integration, please head to this page.