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Managing Multiple Currencies in Jiminny with Salesforce CRM

How to implement multiple currencies into Jiminny's Deal Insights

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 12th, 2023


For businesses using Jiminny with Salesforce, particularly those operating with multiple currencies, understanding how currency data is presented and calculated within Jiminny is crucial. 

This article provides insights into how Jiminny displays opportunity amounts and deals with multiple currencies when integrated with Salesforce.

Currency Display in Jiminny

1. OnDemand or Playback

Currency Presentation: 
In areas like "OnDemand" or "Playback" within Jiminny, the opportunity amount is displayed in the currency set for each specific opportunity in Salesforce.

User Benefit: 
This feature allows sales teams to see data in the specific currency relevant to each opportunity, aiding in clarity and reducing potential for confusion.

2. Deal Insights

Individual Deals: 
In the "Deal Insights" section, individual deal amounts are shown in the currency from the Salesforce opportunity currency field. 

You can request to customize the system so that it pulls the amount from a different field in the Salesforce opportunity, rather than the default 'Amount' field. This adjustment requires a request to our support team.

In the example below, the Dunder Mifflin opportunity currency field is USD, therefore we show the amount in USD.


Total Amount Calculation: 
As standard, the total is calculated only for deals that are in the default currency of the Salesforce Org. 

If a deal is not in the default currency it is not added to the total, both in the amount and the count. In the example below you can see the total value and record count for Open, Closed Won, Closed Lost. 

This will only total up deals in the default Salesforce currency. 

If required, it is possible to use a custom amount field to get the correct total, however this adjustment requires a request to our support team.

Deal Insights Forecast: 
This works the same way as the total. If the opportunity currency is not the default salesforce currency, it will not be included in the calculation. This cannot be adjusted on our end.


Jiminny's integration with Salesforce offers tailored currency displays for individual opportunities, enhancing user experience and accuracy in multinational operations. 

However, it's essential to be aware of the current limitations in total amount calculations concerning multiple currencies. 

As these capabilities evolve, they will likely provide even more robust support for businesses managing international transactions.

Support and Feedback

For any questions or feedback regarding currency management in Jiminny with Salesforce integration, please reach out to our Success team. 

We are committed to continuously improving our platform to better serve your business needs.