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Placing calls in Salesforce

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 10th, 2021

Call your customers seamlessly from your Web browser

With the Chrome extension, you can make outbound calls directly from your browser.
If your organization has the dialer enabled, the extension connects to your Salesforce account so you can call any of your contacts, leads or accounts and log tasks back to Salesforce.
Calls can be routed through:
  1. The Web (you'll need a headset and reliable Internet connection!);
  2. Your mobile phone;
  3. Your desk phone (if you have one);
Your account Administrator will have chosen which of those options are available. Before you place the call, you can tell which are available by the icons. Calls can then be placed in two ways.

Click to Dial

Through Salesforce.com, any phone number will have two new icons appear next to it. Both Lightning and Classic editions are supported.
Click to dial makes your workflow seamless if you're already in Salesforce. When you dial, the details of the contact, lead, opportunity etc are attached to the call. This makes it really simple to log the activity to the right place.

Search to Dial

On any web page, you can always click the Jiminny icon to slide the extension out. From the Phone menu, just search the lead, contact or account and click the icon next to the number you wish to dial.
Once you've held a call (or left a VM) you should log the activity back to Salesforce. This is explained well in our guide.

Finally, don't forget to setup your Caller ID so your customers know who's dialling!