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Why didn't my meeting stream not import?

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 10th, 2021

Troubleshoot your Zoom meetings

If your admin has configured your integration correctly, everything should run smoothly. However, if you're not seeing meetings import into Jiminny, there's usually a couple of reasons.

Check your integration is still active

We'll email you if your integration fails for any reason, but you can easily check:
  1. Visitthe Profile > Manage > Integrations section in the Jiminny platform;
  2. Ensure you have the integration toggled.

Ensure your meetings are set to record in Jiminny

If your meetings are not set to record, Jiminny will not stream. It's really easy to toggle this on the Dashboard under your Upcoming Meetings.

Remember, if you pause or stop the recording, or remove the stream, Jiminny will not stream the meeting during that time.

Don't forget you can also configure automatic recording if your Jiminny admin has not already done so (or overridden this).

Still not sure?

Feel free to reach out to support with the meeting details and we'll take a look.