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Recording Compliance in Zoom meetings | Jiminny Help Centre

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 21st, 2024

Depending on your exact compliance needs, Zoom offer a couple of options to help achieve recording consent, making your customers aware that you're recording the meeting. We've put together this guide to highlight what we use internally at Jiminny. 
You should always seek your own advice from your legal counsel on recording and privacy law.


You'll need to enable the Cloud Recording feature of Zoom to leverage the options. As a bonus, Jiminny will also understand the recording controls. If you pause or stop the recording in the Zoom interface, Jiminny will detect this and automatically stop the Live Stream.
1. In your Settings, go to the Recording tab.

  • Toggle Cloud recording to ON;
  • Click the Lock button;
2. Next, we recommend you toggle Automatic recording to ON.
Automatic recordings can be switched off, but not locked off. 

If Automatic recording is turned off, users will need to manually turn on recording at the beginning of each call to get the notifications.
3. [Optional] Scroll down and toggle Auto-delete Cloud Recordings to ON
Unless you want a permanent copy of the meetings in both Jiminny and Zoom, we recommend that you delete your recordings from Zoom regularly.
Before doing this, check if you have any old cloud recordings you need and back them up to somewhere safe.

  • Choose a time range (we use 7 days).

1. Audio/Visual Notifications

Zoom can show a visual and play an audio notification to your guests when recording is active during the meeting. It's really simple to configure:
  • Scroll to the bottom of Recording settings
  • Toggle¬†Multiple audio notifications of recorded meeting to ON;

2. Disclaimer Notification

Zoom also provide an option to guarantee that an attendee has consented to being recorded. If the recording disclaimer is enabled, attendees will receive a notification when a recording starts or if they join a session that is already being recorded. The attendee can either consent to stay in the session or leave. You can also generate reports on which meetings and attendees provided consent.
In your Account Settings, go to the Recording tab and scroll to the bottom.
  • Toggle¬†Ask participants for consent when a recording starts to ON;
  • Click¬†Customize if you wish to edit the message (we recommend this);
Example notification: