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Jiminny Onboarding Plan

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 11th, 2023

Here at Jiminny, we're all about making sure we provide the best service for our clients and we do this by providing you with a plan which delivers priceless attention for each stage of your journey with Jiminny!

When you join Jiminny we want to make sure you are thoroughly onboarded before you set off into the sunset on your Journey with your CSM ūüöÄ



Onboarding plan will slightly differ for clients who are trialling Jiminny first as we want to make sure the basics work during the trial before diving deeper into customising the platform! 

Kick Off 

  • Introductions¬†
  • High level discussion to breakdown your goals using Jiminny

Technical Launch

  • Technically setting up your platform¬†
  • Test everything is working as it should be¬†


  • Start customising the platform so its in align with your needs¬†
  • Work on the topics and trigger words
  • Start building your coaching framework¬†
  • Re-connect to dive deeper into your ideas for customisation¬†

Team Launch 

  • Team sessions are split into two sessions
  • Part One will involve getting a basic understanding of Jiminny and how to start logging calls¬†
  • Part Two will involve diving deeper into how you can use Jiminny to coach and collaborate¬†

Onboarding Wrap Up

  • Catch up to summarise everything we've worked on together¬†
  • Official handover to your Success Manager to kick start your Jiminny Journey ¬†