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Setting up Zoom

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 29th, 2021

A Guide for Administrators

The Zoom Admin needs to configure a few settings in Zoom before your reps can install the Zoom Integration to Jiminny.


  • Jiminny streams your Zoom meetings directly into our cloud-based app, meaning you can save tons on cloud storage costs by setting an auto-delete policy.
  • The native Zoom interface provides full recording control and compliance out of the box - and Jiminny respects Zoom in-meeting recording preferences.

Important Things to Mention

  • Users will need to be on a Zoom Pro plan or above;
  • This guide will configure permissions for the entire organization. We recommend that you create a Zoom Group consisting of Jiminny users. This allows you to bulk-apply the appropriate settings to this group (not your entire organization);
  • Ensure that the Jiminny users are not part of another Zoom group. If they are, this could prevent the right settings from applying.

Zoom Settings Configuration

There are a few settings to toggle outlined below. 

1. Allow Jiminny to Stream

  1. Visitthe Custom Live Streaming section in the Meetings tab;
  2. Toggle Allow Live streaming the meetings to ON;
  3. Check Custom Live Streaming Service to allow Jiminny to stream;
  4. Click the Lock.
2. Video makes better meetings!
We recommend toggling ON both Host and Participant video. Not only does this improve the accuracy of speaker detection in Jiminny, but our research has found it improves customer engagement.

Recording Compliance

If your organization requires recording compliance with privacy laws, you can use Zoom Cloud Recording to help achieve this.

1. Configure Recording

Jiminny works with the in-meeting recording controls if you need to pause or stop recording during the meeting.
You need to ensure cloud recording is enabled and local recording is disabled. In Settings, go to the Recording Tab:

  • Toggle Cloud Recording to ON
  • Click the Lock
  • Check the box "record active speaker with a shared screen"
  • Make sure to toggle the Local Recording OFF
2. Next, we recommend you toggle Automatic Recording to ON.
This setting combines with the next step and enables you to ensure your calls are recorded compliantly.

3. Toggle Auto-delete Cloud Recordings to ON:
Unless you want a permanent copy of the meetings in both Jiminny and Zoom, we recommend that you delete your recordings from Zoom regularly:

Choose a time range (we advise 7 days).