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Office 365 Integration: Technical details

Learn about how to use Office 365 to its fullest potential, including technical details.

Written By James Graham (Administrator)

Updated at June 20th, 2023


Data Requirements

By default, we enable the import of calendar meetings and emails, as it is strongly recommended. This allows your salespeople to have the advantage of having a full overview of deal activity, conveniently consolidated in a single platform.


Jiminny ensures that salespeople and their managers have complete access to all conversations that contribute to closing deals. This is achieved through periodic scanning and importing the mailboxes for users who have been designated for email import by your Jiminny administrator. Through a series of filtering rules and cross-referencing with the company's CRM, Jiminny determines which emails are relevant to a deal and should be imported. It's important to note that any rejected emails are never stored within Jiminny systems, ensuring privacy and security.

Which Office 365 permissions does Jiminny need?

Jiminny requires access to the following data scopes:

Calendar Calendars.ReadWrite Import relevant meetings to record
Personal info User.Read Read email and names of Jiminny users
Teams Channel.ReadBasic.All Import Teams channels for sharing
Teams ChannelMessage.Send Allow users to share activity to channels
Teams Chat.Create Allow users to share activity to colleagues
Teams ChatMessage.Send Allow users to share activity to colleagues
Email Mail.Read Import relevant email metadata
Teams Team.ReadBasic.All Import Teams channels for sharing

What happens after connecting to Jiminny?

Once your team members' calendars and emails are individually connected, we scan their mailboxes and calendars for relevant data to process. This process can take several hours to complete. We securely:

  1.  Bulk import all emails sent or received in the last 12 months where we can match the sender or recipient with a CRM account or lead
  2. Scan their primary calendar and import meetings scheduled in the next 12 months where we can match the participants with a CRM account or lead.

Data which is not linked to the CRM by email address is not imported and discarded.