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Sending messages

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 10th, 2021

Like the Dialer, you'll find it really easy to connect with your customers. Text messages provide a great channel for busy prospects that can be tricky to pin down on a call.
You can send a message in a few ways:

Click to Text


Through Salesforce.com, most phone numbers will have an extra icon appear next to it. Both Lightning and Classic editions are supported.
Click to text makes your workflow seamless if you're already in Salesforce. When you text, the details of the contact, lead, opportunity etc are attached to the message. This makes it really simple to log the activity to the right place.

Searching in Dialer

On any web page, you can always click the Jiminny icon to slide the extension out. From the Phone menu, just search for the customer and click the icon next to the number you wish to text.


You'll be sent an email for every incoming message. You can easily respond to this by replying to the email directly. Just send your message back (attachments and the email chain won't be included) and they will be sent to your customer as a text message.
Please follow our guide if you insert your signature into every reply.
Did you know, sending messages automatically logs the activity on the relevant record in your CRM?

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