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Configuring the Activity Types

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 31st, 2023

Your activity types are real tasks that form part of a business process. These link back to your Playbook and usually form a series of steps to close a sale, renew an account etc. Jiminny uses these types to categorize activity and provide a richer set of data for coaching and analysis.
For example, a Sales Playbook might have the following activity types:
  1. Cold Call;
  2. Discovery Call;
  3. Web Demo;
  4. Proposal Call;
  5. DM Meeting;
  6. Price Negotiation.
Note that these are different to (though in some cases resemble) opportunity stages. You can think of an activity as what actually moves a stage forward.
You'll need to add these types to each playbook as follows:
  1. Click OrganizationManagePlaybooks;
  2. Select Activity Types under the Playbook;
  3. You can now Add Activity Type in the top right or Edit an existing.
Provide the following information:
  • Name - a clear descriptive name of the type .e.g Discovery Call
  • Enabled - you can toggle this off if you no longer use it
  • Applies To - you can set the type to be only selectable for certain activity
By clicking the Category Order button, you can drag each type up and down to better represent the sequence. We'll preserve this order in dropdown lists.
Now you've configured your activity types, it's time to decide how your team will score and coach them!