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Not receiving texts?

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 14th, 2021

Improve inbound delivery of messages

Inbound SMS and MMS messages not hitting your Jiminny number as expected? Here are some troubleshooting steps to check:

Are you expecting to receive SMS from an international number (a different country than your Jiminny number)?

Jiminny promises support for receiving SMSĀ within the same country as your Jiminny SMS-enabled number. For example, a German mobile number can deliver SMS to a German Jiminny mobile number. If you ever encounter delivery issues on in-country incoming SMS, please contact Support.

For non-domestic incoming SMS, some international carriers are unable to successfully pass off SMS into Jiminny's network. Because of this, Jiminny cannot guarantee that incoming messages will be received. For example, a German mobile numberĀ may not be able to deliver SMS to a UK Jiminny number.

For this reason, we recommend always using a Jiminny number local to your recipients if you need to receive reply SMS from your end-users.

In cases where non-domestic SMS are failing to reach Jiminny, the sending party may choose to reach out to the sending carrier to troubleshoot. Please note, however, that receiving non-domestic SMS is not officially supported by Jiminny and may not be successful.

Is the sender roaming off their network?

Jiminny cannot guarantee the deliverability of SMS from wireless phones that are roaming. If an SMS message is sent to Jiminny from a phone number roaming in an area outside of where it normally operates, the message may not arrive.
Jiminny does not have the ability to determine whether or not the phone number you are sending SMS from is roaming at the time. In this scenario, we recommend having the sending party escalate to their wireless provider.

Are you expecting to receive SMS from a short code?

Services like Google Voice, Facebook, and Skype, which use short codes (e.g. 55555) to send SMS will not be able to send messages to Jiminny phone numbers. This is because short code carriers have arrangements to exchange messages with mobile phone numbers only, and Jiminny phone numbers are not considered mobile numbers. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee delivery from these incoming messages.