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How to use text messaging

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 10th, 2021

The SMS feature is really simple to use. Please find below a simple guide on how to use the text messaging function.
Sending a message

There are a couple of ways to send an SMS to your desired contact. 

Send using the Sidekick

The first way to send an SMS is by using the Sidekick. You can find the contact in the Contacts page (1) and click on the message icon (2).

You can also send the SMS directly from the Messaging section by clicking on "New Message". 

Once you click on the button, you should type in your contact from your CRM and send the message! Awesome, right? 🚀 

Sending from you CRM

You are also able to send a text message directly from the CRM. You should simply click on the Jiminny button (1) and click on the message icon (2).

Sending a message from any website

One of our newest features provides you with the opportunity to send a text directly via any website. You should just mark the number, right-click on it, choose the Jiminny extension, and "Send text to".

Keep in mind that all the messages that you send will appear in the "Messages" section in your Sidekick. 😊 

Receiving SMS

We've created a separate article on receiving responses to your text messages and how to respond. Please find it HERE

Do we log the SMS into the CRM?

Yes, we do! We log the SMS as tasks and the title will match the SMS content. If the sender's phone number matches a contact from your CRM, the task should be assigned to it.