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Getting started with SMS

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 10th, 2021

Get in front of your customers with a simple, direct text message

Using the Chrome extension, you can send text messages directly from your browser. If you already use the Dialer, it should be really familiar!
If your organization has Text Messaging enabled, the extension connects to your CRM so you can text any of your contacts, leads or accounts and automatically log tasks back.


You'll need to re-install the Chrome extension. In Chrome, click Window > Extensions and delete the Jiminny extension. Follow these instructions to re-install.

How does it work?

You'll automatically be assigned a new number, specifically for texting. This is different from your Jiminny conference number but usually shares the same prefix.


You can text any domestic number that supports messaging. This can be done through the Softphone or your CRM with one click.


When you get a reply, this will pull into the Softphone if you have it open, and you'll get an email with the full details. Read more about how to respond.
In both cases, your message will log automatically to the CRM!

Inbound Calls

If a customer decides to call your SMS number (rather than text you), the call will be forwarded to your phone. By default, this is your desk phone (if you have provided it) otherwise to your mobile. You can always change this:
  1. Visit your Profile > Manage > SMS;
  2. In the General section, change the Forward Calls to Number;
  3. Click Update.
We'd love to hear how you get on. Let us know using the in-app messaging if you have any problems, questions or suggestions!