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Increase your order value by 20%+ in 30 days with Team Insights

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 15th, 2023

Successfully converting opportunities into happy new customers is what keeps the lights on for most businesses and is the deciding factor in how fast they’re able to scale. However, in this pursuit of successful conversion, we can sometimes leave revenue on the table and these bitesize chunks can quickly add up.   

Inspired by one of our customers (you know who you are 😉 ) we’re excited to show you a fantastic way you can leverage the data within the Jiminny platform to improve Quality Assurance and communication consistency; enabling you to grow your order value by over 20%. This is not a drill, this is really happening. 

Jiminny is so much more than just a Conversation Intelligence platform and today we’re looking at the analytics suite; and more specifically Team Insights. Without getting too technical on the how, Team Insights is our dashboard for tracking, comparing and understanding individual rep performance across a variety of custom fields. 

Team Insights is powered through several data points including Topics. Topics are a taxonomy that mark conversations against certain triggers - a group of topics is considered a theme. Within the topic is the trigger, so the trigger is the specific word / words that are said in a meeting / call that our platform will detect and mark for us to review later on. 

We can then track when reps are saying these trigger words in meetings / calls to benchmark best practice and identify people within your team who need specific targeted coaching to improve their performance and create a coaching strategy that leaves more value on the table at each stage of the deal cycle. 

We can take it even further, digging into what keywords are being discussed by our highest performers and what kind of impact they have at different stages of the deal cycle to gauge best practice across the entire life cycle of an opportunity. Pitching excellence may be earned through determination and targeted coaching but it is only possible when you have the tools to track pitch consistency and progression.

To summarise: 

         1. Build your Topics                                   2. Track your rep performance



3. Implement targeted coaching                                        4. Profit


Pretty cool right? Larger order volumes? Oh, go on then! If you’re looking at ways to introduce analytics into your coaching strategy this year, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to show you what we can do to transform your rep performance and deliver ROI within 6 months. 

Like what you hear and want to find out more. Well you can book some time directly with you CSM if you’re an existing customer below or for new enquiries, just schedule a meeting with our team to get started!