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Inbound Calling Setup

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 31st, 2023

A guide for admins to configure Inbound calling settings with Jiminny

If your team signs up with our Inbound/SMS features, they will all be assigned a localized Inbound-ready phone number.
If you wish to record or log these calls to your CRM, there is a few items to configure on your Jiminny Organizational settings and in your CRM.

Inbound Calling Settings

Adding an Inbound Activity Type

To log Inbound calls to your CRM, you'll need to add an Activity Type called "Inbound Call."
Once that's been added to your CRM, add "Inbound Call" as an Activity Type in your Jiminny Playbooks, and we will begin to auto-log Inbound Calls.

Jiminny Organizational Settings

In your Jiminny Organizational settings, you can configure what options you'd like to turn on, off, or let the Rep's decide.
Inbound Call Recording
All inbound calls will be recorded and transcribed (if your plan includes this).

Inbound Live Coaching
Join an inbound call as a coach and support your team in real-time.