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What's needed for Jiminny to record meetings?

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 28th, 2022

Jiminny's goal is to record as many of your customer conversations as seamlessly as possible. Whether you're a new Jiminny user, or you're wondering why your meeting didn't record, we've written this guide to walk you through the criteria for Jiminny to successfully join and record a meeting.

1. Do you have a recorder license?

Jiminny offers two types of licenses: those that can coach only, and those that can coach and also record conversations. You can quickly check if you can record by checking your Profile and looking for an Integrations tab.

2. Do your calendar events contain a supported meeting link?

Jiminny needs to know where to go to join your meeting. We check all fields of the invite for meeting URLs (e.g. Zoom or Google Meet) to check if we support joining. Please ensure you only have one meeting link per event (e.g. do not add both a Zoom and Google Meet URL).

3. Did you change the event within 15 minutes of the meeting start?

If you're creating or updating a calendar event (for example, adding participants or the meeting link) less than 15 minutes before it is due to start, Jiminny most likely won't pick up this change in time.

4. Were you the organizer?

Jiminny requires you to be the organizer of the meeting. Nevertheless, the Notetaker can be invited to join external meetings organised by your client. If someone else on your team creates your invites, that's no problem! They just need to assign you as the organizer.

5. Do you use a "waiting room"?

If you do, you must ensure you admit the Jiminny Notetaker participant to the meeting. (This applies to Google Meet and Microsoft Teams only).

6. Did at least 1 external participant join the meeting?

If your organization is set to not record internal meetings, at least 1 external guest should join. This is a guest with an email domain different from yours. By default, Jiminny does not join internal meetings since they can contain private or sensitive information.

7. Was the Jiminny Notetaker removed from the meeting?

If the Notetaker is removed or otherwise forced out of the meeting, it will not be able to record it. (This applies to Google Meet and Microsoft Teams only)

8. The meeting should not end prematurely

If the meeting is ended early and restarted, Jiminny will only record up to that point of the original meeting.

9. The meeting should not be recurring (Outlook users only)

If the meeting is in an Outlook calendar and recurring, we cannot currently import it. To work around this, the meeting should be a single instance. Support for recurring meetings is coming soon. As an important note, we also do not support rescheduled Office meetings.

10. Have you moved past meeting invitation into the future?)

If you or any of the participant can't join the meeting and the starting time has already passed, you should not move the existing invite to the future but create a new one from scratch.