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What is Automated Call Scoring

The what, why, value and use cases for Automated Call Scoring

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 22nd, 2024

What is Automated Call Scoring?
“Imagine a world where you can define exactly what good lookslike and automatically track every single customer interaction”

That's what Automated Call Scoring is; the next innovation for Conversation Intelligence software that transforms how Jiminny users are able to identify and benchmark best practice at scale. 


Before Conversation Intelligence, it was extremely difficult to understand what was happening within calls or meetings. We saw snippets when we sat in on calls but performance was almost entirely dictated by target achievement. 

After Conversation Intelligence was introduced to the market, we opened up a whole world of visibility where every meeting and interaction could be analyzed and data was available for a range of activities. 
However, this in turn created a feeling of being overwhelmed; of information overload and a concern over how best to invest your coaching time effectively? 


Automated Call Scoring (ACS) is the answer to this feeling as it provides a layer of analysis on what calls may need a closer look at and more attention in terms of direct coaching.
By utilising to scan your teams meetings and identify which are in most need of coaching, you're able to maximise the ROI of your coaching efforts and ensure that your time is utilised in the best way possible!


What value does ACS provide?

1. Maximise the value of your time:
- Remove that feeling of being overwhelmed - ACS shows you the areas where your input will provide the biggest impact. 

- Make the most of every minute by coaching the interactions that will yield the biggest ROI.

- Automate how each team is measured to maximise the effectiveness of the coaching.

- Easily identify areas of improvement and reasons to celebrate exceptional performance using data. 

2. Embed Self-Coaching in the business:
- The impact of coaching can be amplified through the implementation of self-coaching within the business.

- By benchmarking what good looks like for your teams, reps have clarity on how they can improve and where they’re excelling.

- This is great because the feedback is automated, objective and unbiased.

- This enables them to track their development over time and make the connection between best practice and revenue results. 

3. Track adoption:
- Introducing new sales methodologies, new product messaging or anything else into a business is tricky and requires adoption tracking to embed effectively.

- ACS enables users to breakdown these new methodologies into trackable components.

- When each rep says these components, they’ll be registered so we can track who’s adopting the messaging and who needs more coaching in order to get them on track. 

4. Monitor churn signals earlier:
- Introduce metrics that track churn indicators and understand when these are being triggered earlier in the renewal process. 

- In doing so, you're able to identify which factors are coming up and combat them quicker to reduce the likelihood of churn risk within your customer base. 

Use Cases to consider

1. Introducing new Sales Methodologies 

2. Embedding best practice into each deal stage

3. Tracking of Adoption for new product training, features, messaging

4. Mapping out churn risk topics and training best practice responses 

Track your team performance over time with ACS

If you head over to Team Insights, you can look into a performance chart of your teams scores over time. 

This gives you a macro-view of the Automated scores being generated and identify performance trends that may require more coaching. 

Head over to this page to find out more about how to get Automated Call Scoring configured and enabled!